Clonmel Healthcare offers Ireland’s Pharmacies a broader portfolio

  • Addition of the Pharmaton vitality/immunity range strengthens Clonmel Healthcare’s offering as the go-to-partner for Irish pharmacies this winter.
  • Clonmel Healthcare is responsible for the marketing and sales of Sanofi’s consumer healthcare range of products in the Irish market. These include their allergy medicines; Telfast, Nasacort and Opticrom, and the Dulcolax laxative range, Buscopan for IBS, and Maalox antacids. These form part of a wider agreement covering 20 countries.
  • Jim Hanlon, Clonmel Healthcare’s General Manager: “The addition of such brands significantly strengthens Clonmel’s position as a trusted partner to pharmacists, patients and consumers throughout the country”.


Clonmel Healthcare Ireland December 2021 - Clonmel Healthcare is now offering pharmacists, and their customers, a broader range of consumer healthcare brands such as Pharmaton vitality/immunity, Telfast, Nasacort, Opticrom, and the Dulcolax laxative range, as well as Buscopan for IBS, and Maalox antacids. These attractive brands are covered by an agreement whereby Clonmel’s parent group STADA, is distributing and marketing Sanofi’s local portfolio of well-established consumer healthcare products across 20 countries.

The addition of such well known and strong brands like Pharmaton will enhance Clonmel’s existing portfolio of winter products, including the companies recently launched Medithyme cough syrup and long established Paralief (Paracetamol) and Easofen (Ibuprofen) ranges.  With Clonmel Healthcare as a trusted partner, Irish pharmacists can be sure they are offering their customers an appealing and comprehensive offering for a range of symptoms.

“The addition of Sanofi’s portfolio to Clonmel Healthcare’s current offering will alter the companies ranked position in the market to No. 2 by value, and will firmly place the company in the top 5 OTC companies in Ireland” according to Jim Hanlon, General Manager at Clonmel Healthcare. He further added “Adding major brands like Buscopan and Dioralyte for rehydration further strengthens the companies’ position. We look forward to supporting pharmacy purchases with targeted and effective promotional campaigns for these brands.

Other brands in Clonmel Healthcare’s new offering included Antihistan Cream (Mepyramine Maleate) and Selsun anti -dandruff shampoo, which join Clonmel’s other products in the anti-fungal head care treatments such as Nizoral Shampoo.  

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