STADA takes part in fair competition and aims to succeed in the market with the help of its employees, its innovative strength, the quality of its products as well as the reliability and correctness of its production processes and supply chain.

The company respects applicable law and expects the same from its employees as well as from its business partners. Unlawful conduct can cause substantial economic damage. The mere suggestion of unlawful conduct can cause harm to STADA’s market position. The consequences of one’s own actions are also to be measured by the effect they have on the reputation of the company as well as on the integrity of its employees and its management.

An additional cornerstone of the company’s success is the encouraging and motivating corporate culture, which is determined by the responsible and ethical conduct of all its employees. Such corporate culture also requires the employees’ own commitment to ensure that we conduct our business with a high degree of integrity. 

Code of Conduct


Reporting a concern at STADA

At STADA, we believe in the power of open communication and transparency. We are committed to fostering a culture of integrity and trust, where every voice is valued and heard.

Our Compliance Reporting Portal is a safe and confidential platform designed for employees and external parties to report. By raising your voice, you contribute to our collective growth and success.