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Buscopan Coated Tablets

Buscopan® Tablets have been specifically designed to treat the cause of abdominal cramps. Unlike painkillers which treat the pain, Buscopan® Tablets work directly on the cause of pain, the spasm in the gut, to provide effective relief. The active ingredient, hyoscine butylbromide, has an antispasmodic action that relaxes the spasms in the digestive tract to ease pain and discomfort. Buscopan® Tablets work on the cause of the pain, the spasm, allowing the pain to fade and the digestive process to return to normal. For optimum relief it is recommended that Buscopan® Tablets are taken at the onset of symptoms. Available in pack sizes of 20 and 40. Only available from behind the counter in pharmacies nationwide. Always read the label. If you have any questions or concerns about abdominal cramps, speak to your GP or Pharmacist.
Active Ingredient: Hyoscine Butylbromide
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